Neoelectra provides a wide range of energy solutions for industry: electricity, heat, steam, water, foodstuff-quality CO2, energy backup services, industrial services for energy maintenance and auditing, energy or gas marketing and consultancy for merger and acquisition (M&A) processes.

logo-neo  Generation

Neoelectra generation is the third-biggest independent electrical and thermal energy producer in Spain, with a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability.


Neoelectra energy provides tailor-made energy solutions both for meeting requirements for acquiring electric power and natural gas and for selling electricity production on the wholesale market.

  Industrial Gas

Neoelectra industrial gases recovers and markets 70,000 T per year of CO2 for foodstuff use through its subsidiary Carboneco at the four plants that it manages in Spain.

  Industrial Services

Through its subsidiary Recefil, Neoelectra maintenance offers personalised solutions for providing technical, commercial and auxiliary services in the low, medium and high voltage maintenance field.


The merger and acquisitions division has a highly qualified strategic consultancy team with experience proven at the group itself. This team has analysed over 50 international operations in the industrial and energy sector over the last year.