Neoelectra Foundation


Constant support
for the social, cultural
and environmental
development of the areas
where it works

The Fundación Neoelectra was set up in Barcelona in January 2008 in order to group together all the activities being carried out by the Neoelectra Group to support the social, cultural and environmental development of the areas where it works.

The work done by the Neoelectra Group is traditionally carried out in this country in small towns and villages where industrial activity is a vital part of the inhabitants’ economic and social fabric.

These are the places where the Fundación Neoelectra works, with different support programmes such as the promotion of the Catering School in Les; the creation of transport cooperatives with residents in the area where the group has its facilities; supporting, along with the Veterinary Surgery School of Zaragoza University, a programme for promotion and development of lines of research and projects connected with rearing the sturgeon and caviar production in Aragon; maintenance of the social centre that the Association of Retirees of Virgen de la Zarza has in Teruel’s village of Aliaga; sponsorship of the Fundación Alpe Acondroplasia, a private non-profit-making institution set up with the aim of improving the quality of life of people suffering from achondroplasia, or cooperation with the Association for the Development of Montoro de Mezquita (Teruel) to facilitate recovery and signalling of the “Pozo Mas del Arco” vantage point located over river Guadalope.

There are still further challenges lying before us which the board of the Foundation will gradually be assessing to promote other projects in such towns and districts as Dos Hermanas, Morón de la Frontera, Mengíbar, La Luisiana, or Aliaga, amongst other areas where the group is working on sustainable industrial development projects.