We use advanced energy solutions
allowing us to optimise our partners’

This involves applying systems combining the production of electricity, heat and other energy solutions, using natural gas, biomass and biogas as fuels.

Unlike other players on the market, our understanding of this business consists in managing to optimise production and energy costs, thus enabling our industrial partners to:

1- Gain a greater competitive advantage on their own markets, as a result of reducing their energy costs.

2- Focus 100% of their efforts on their own business, while we handle management of the energy side, thus optimising their costs.


The “cogeneration” concept entails the following as its main benefits:

— Energy savings by generating heat and electricity at the same time.
— A reliable supply for the associated business by making their electric and heat systems redundant.
— Savings in global greenhouse gas emissions due to greater efficiency of the system.

Cogeneration meets the high energy consumptions required by industries in their production processes, and provides diverse solutions adapted to each associated industry: heat, steam, cold water, hot water, foodstuff-quality CO2, organic fertilizer, etc.

Cogeneration “cuts down fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, reducing the dependence on energy imports through greater efficiency in using the heat generated by electricity production for heating or in industrial applications.”