Main reasons
why we are more
competitive and efficient

Neoelectra is more competitive and efficient in comparison with other market players. The main reasons for this are:

Operating performance and capacity for negotiating O&M costs

Our own facilities produce higher than average yields, and we have significantly improved on earlier performance rates of facilities which have not been developed by us. The fact that our assets represent a considerable part of the market means that we optimise O&M costs, sustaining preferential agreements with teams of builders.

Negotiation of natural gas purchases

Otro factor que nos lleva a conseguir precios más competitivos es el hecho de que dedicamos hasta 9 meses al año a comparar las ofertas a través de un proceso competitivo. Todo esto es posible porque nos dedicamos por completo a la actividad de operar nuestras plantas de cogeneración y biomasa. Esta es la clave para lograr nuestros resultados, puesto que el gas natural representa hasta un 80% de nuestros costes.

Comparison of offers based on a competitive process

Another factor enabling us to get more competitive prices is devoting up to 9 months a year to comparing offers through a competitive process. All this is possible because we are fully dedicated to the work of running our cogeneration and biomass plants. This is the key issue in achieving our results, since natural gas represents up to 80% of our costs.

Optimisation of margins

Apart from the costs of gas, we use complementary tools on trading markets, which enable us to reduce their price even further. We constantly monitor our assets in order to adjust the operating regime and the energy sale options, in line with the best economic performance

Managing several installations in the same group helps us to optimise other structural costs, and to improve general efficiency for each of these.

Satisfaction and adaptation to our customers’ needs

Our efficiency results in more competitive prices for our industrial associates, whom we consider not just as customers but as long-term partners, thus reaching agreements that prove more profitable and stable for both parties.