The Fundación Materia y Energía of Neoelectra Group was founded in Barcelona in January 2008 with the aim of bringing together all the activities that the Neoelectra Group is carrying out to support the social, cultural and environmental development of the towns where it operates.

The activity of the Neoelectra Group is traditionally carried out in our country in small towns where industrial activity is a fundamental part of the economic and social fabric of the population.

It is in these places where the Fundación Materia y Energía operates with various support programs such as:

• Sponsor of the free APP for the predictive diagnosis of risk in COVID-19 patients, developed by the COVID19 Chair of the University of Alcalá de Henares. Project promoted by ProA Capital and the Starlite Foundation, led by Professor Melchor Álvarez de Mon.

• The promotion of the Les Hospitality School.

• The creation of transport cooperatives with residents of the town where the group owns its facilities.

• The promotion, together with the University of Zaragoza, through the Veterinary Faculty, of a program for the promotion and development of lines of research and projects related to sturgeon breeding and caviar production in Aragon.

• The maintenance of the social premises that the Virgen de la Zarza Pensioners and Retirees Association has in the Teruel town of Aliaga.

• The sponsorship of the Alpe Achondroplasia Foundation, a private, non-profit organization created with the aim of improving the quality of life of people suffering from achondroplasia.

• Collaboration with the Association for the Development of Montoro de Mezquita (Teruel) to facilitate the recovery and signaling of the “Pozo Mas del Arco” viewpoint located on the Guadalope river.

Ahead, there are now new challenges that the Board of Trustees of the Foundation will assess to promote other projects in towns such as Dos Hermanas, Morón de la Frontera, Mengíbar, La Luisiana or Aliaga among other towns where the group operates with sustainable industrial development projects.