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aran neoelectra

Finca Baja Partida
A-2403 Road from Aliaga a Ejulve, Km. 2
44150 Aliaga (Teruel)




  • Efficiency (PCI) 42% 42%
  • Average technical availability 91% 91%
  • REE 58% 58%
  • Self-consumption 6% 6%


ALIAGA facilities are one of the most modern industrial plants of the Neoelectra Group. The facilities consist of a cogeneration plant with 7 Rolls Royce engines of 3.3 MW each and a 2.4 MW turbine, for a total authorized power suply to the grid of 24.93 MW, and a latest- generation CO2 recovery plant with a recovery capacity of 2 tons / hour.

ALIAGA plant is managed by qualified mechanics and electronics operators, all of them resident in the town of Aliaga. n recent years, a close link has been generated between the plant and the population of the entire region, becoming a benchmark for sustainable industrial development for the entire province of Teruel.