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A-138 Road Km. 4,8
22390 El Grado (Huesca)


exercise neoelectra


  • Efficiency (PCI) 46% 46%
  • Average technical availability 90% 90%
  • REE 71.80% 71.80%
  • Self-consumption 8% 8%


EL GRADO facilities are one of the Group’s leading industrial plants. The facilities consist of a cogeneration plant with 7 Rolls Royce engines of 3.6 MW each and two turbines with a power of 1.1 MW and 0.5 MW respectively, for a total authorized power supply to the network of 24. 93 MW, a CO2 recovery plant with a recovery capacity of 2 tons/hour and a productive fish farm where trout are bred for marketing and restocking of Spanish rivers. This cogeneration plant supplies heat mainly to the industrial client “Viveros de los Pirineos”.

EL GRADO is managed by qualified mechanics and electronics operators together with the professionals who manage the fish farm. The company actively participates in cultural and environmental programs of the population of El Grado and is one of the main industries for the development of this municipality.